Induced Earthquakes Shaking Our Boots

Image result for earthquake imagesWait, we don’t scare; we anger up after a fact, if at all

U.S. Geological Survey confirms, for the first time, that human-induced earthquakes are an increased threat to safety of millions. It appears that those in southern-central states have had the largest impact to their risk than other states, while naturally-occurring earthquake-risk states have been similarly affected.



The “Haliburton Loophole”

The following is excerpted from a Wikispace entitled “Social Problems  in Oklahoma”, category “environment”:

Hydraulic Fracturing, commonly known as “fracking” is rapidly spreading over Oklahoma as well as many other states and countries. This surge in fracking has been largely influenced by the 2005 energy bill, which included the “Haliburton Loophole”. This bill was championed by former Vice President Dick Cheney, who was previously CEO of Haliburton. This bill exempts the oil and gas industry from the clean water act, allowing the industry to go unchecked by any regulation.



Priorities for Environmental Progress Sidelined

map Superfund

Most Americans In the Red

Red dots represent priority sites for Superfund toxin cleanup which, not surprisingly, is a suffering goal that lives in the shadows of many distractions of current politics. These  ironically include and are not limited to the should-be crimes of corporate tax evasion, opportunity outsourcing, bad water coverups, crumbling infrastructures and social regression.

Responsibility Laid Where Problems Arose

Until the mid ’90s, most funding for cleanup came from a tax on the petroleum and chemical industries, reflecting the polluter pays principle. Eventually, a new Republican  Congress worked to dismantle the polluter pays principle. “The Clinton Administration then adopted some industry-favored reforms as policy”.  Despite the fact that by 1995 the Superfund had almost $4 billion in fees collected, a Republican Congress did not authorize to collect, thereby successfully depleting the 2003 the Superfund.

Moral and Legal Responsibility Shunned by Work of Republicans – Laid Upon Taxpayers

More recently, since 2001, most of the funding for cleanups has come from taxpayers! No wonder progress has declined, as most taxpayers have been financially undercut by a variety of political changes. Now, a state pays 10 percent of cleanup and at least 50 percent if [the state] operated the facility responsible for contamination.

See: OSHA was our friend during union times (coming soon)

From 2000-2015, Congress allocated [only] about $1.26 billion of general revenue to the Superfund program each year. Consequently less than half the number of sites were cleaned up from 2001 to 2008, compared to before. The decrease continued during the Obama Administration, and since under the direction of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Superfund cleanups decreased even more from 20 in 2009 to a mere 8 in 2014. –Sourced information via Wikipedia editors

Working Class Taxpayers Needed

America’s working class is a diverse group which includes the working poor, the underclass and the middle class. Depending on quality of life, taxpayers could be ‘working class’ from almost any angle whether as wage earners or self-employed business owners, for example. Because today this is about freedom and quality of life for all Americans and frankly all citizens of the world.

As long as people hold an American ideal, we should work on how America will withstand its progressive aims and identity in the face of much resistance to the name and its progressive principles. As such, we’ll focus on our national needs as they occur.

Communication is Key for Action

It’s time to pay serious attention to politics, and if you don’t have the time because you’re worked too much then please enlarge your circle in some way and put it on the ones who can. Keep our troubles in mind, stay strong and stay involved. At least keep reading and sharing! Don’t believe the misconception that social media activism [communication] is worthless.

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